Making Your Stay Comfortable

Room Assignment 

Your room assignment at Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center is based upon your admitting diagnosis and the bed availability on the day of your admission. Private (single bed) and semi-private (two-or-four-bed) rooms are available. Arrangements for a private room are generally made at the doctor's office prior to the visit. The doctor's office staff will call the Hospital's admitting office to schedule your preference.

Should you occupy a semi-private room while in the Hospital and wish to change to a private room, please inform your nurse so she/he can make arrangements with the admitting office staff. Most insurance companies do not cover the difference between the cost of a private and a semi-private room, so you will be asked to complete a request form and to make a deposit equal to the difference between the private-room rate and the semi-private-room rate for the estimated length of your stay.

Your Hospital Bed

Hospital beds can be adjusted by using the controls. The beds are equipped with side rails that must be raised while you are asleep or sedated. Should you need assistance, please call your nurse.

Room Temperature

All rooms in the Hospital are centrally heated and air conditioned. If the temperature in your room is not comfortable, please notify the nursing staff.

Calling Your Nurse

Most rooms are equipped with an intercom system. Patient bathrooms are also equipped with an emergency call system. You will receive instructions in their use.

During the Night

Please stay in bed after you have been prepared for the night. Strange surroundings and sleeping medications may create a hazard if you get out of bed. For assistance during the night, use your call button.


To be connected to a particular department or patient room, call the main line at 702-733-8800.

Telephones are provided at each bedside. Incoming calls for patients are from the hours of 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. To place a local call, dial "9," then the local number.

To place a long distance call, dial "0," and the hospital will connect you with he long distance operator. If you prefer a specific long distance carrier, you many either dial the 800 number for your carrier or ask the hospital operator to connect you. Long distance calls are limited to collect, credit card and third party billed calls only.


Televisions are provided on most hospital units. Controls for the television set are on your hospital bed rails.

The following channels are available:

  • 3 KVBC (NBC)
  • 4 KNIC (Spanish)
  • 5 KVVU (FOX)
  • 6 Discovery
  • 7 WTBS (Atlanta)
  • 8 KLAS (CBS)
  • 9 ESPN
  • 10 KLVX (PBS)
  • 11 WGN (Chicago)
  • 12 CNN Headline News 1
  • 3 KTNV (ABC)