The Staff at Desert Springs Hospital

Your Physicians

All of the physicians caring for you while hospitalized, including consultants and physician assistants, work under the direction of your personal physician as a "team" to provide the best possible medical care. Your personal physician will often be referred to as your attending physician.

Your Nurses

A registered nurse will supervise your care during each shift and may be assisted by licensed practical nurses or nursing assistants. Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center provides a training environment for nursing students from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and the Community College of Southern Nevada. These student nurses work under the close supervision of registered nurses to assist you in your care.

Other Departments

A variety of staff members may have some interaction with you during your hospital stay. Our employees are identifiable by a hospital identification badge.

Patient Escorts

Patient escorts are responsible for quickly and safely bringing you to and from other departments for tests, therapy and procedures. They may also assist as you are discharged from the hospital.

Hospital Volunteers

Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center proudly recognizes the services that more than 100 hospital volunteers provide. Volunteers can be seen working in many areas of the hospital. Volunteers deliver mail, flowers and distribute reading materials.


The Environmental Service staff provides a clean and antiseptic environment for patients. All patient care areas are cleaned daily.