What to Expect


Patients will need a week's supply of clothing, including: loose fitting shirts and pants or shorts, sturdy, non-skid, low-heeled shoes or sneakers, undergarments and nightgown/pajamas and robe. Be sure to remember personal items such as eyeglasses, hearing aids, cosmetics and toiletries. Leave valuables, such as cash and jewelry, at home.


Your safety and well-being is our top priority. Please do not get out of bed or get out of your chair until you check with your nurse or until your therapists tell you that it is safe. To ensure your safety, always make sure the brakes on your wheelchair are locked when you are not moving and make sure there are no obstacles around you before you get out of your wheelchair.


When you begin your rehabilitation, you will receive a walker and wheelchair (if needed) for use while you are here. Your therapists will recommend equipment you may need following discharge and your case manager will work with your family to secure any needed equipment. If you or your family purchases durable medical equipment, please let your therapists and case manager know.