Our Patients Share Their Weight-Loss Journeys

Bariatric Surgery

The Center for Surgical Weight Loss at Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center can help those struggling with obesity get the long-term weight loss they need and lead a longer and healthier life. 

The following patients talk about how weight-loss surgery at Desert Springs Hospital changed their lives. 


Tysha Jones

Tysha Jones, a nurse who lives in Las Vegas, weighed 378 pounds at her heaviest. She made the decision to have surgery after she attended a seminar at the Surgical Weight Control Center. Tysha did so well with weight-loss surgery, she inspired her husband and 10 others to begin their own journeys. Read Tysha's story >


Sam Kaufman

Sam Kaufman, former CEO and Managing Director of Desert Springs Hospital and current CEO of Henderson Hospital, had weight-loss surgery in April 2013. Sam Kaufman discusses how he, and his family, feel six months after his weight-loss surgery. Watch Sam's story >


Mary Swannie-Ryan

Mary Swannie-Ryan had always battled her weight. Her blood pressure was high. Her energy was low. And she wasn’t getting around as well as she wanted to. The day Mary Swannie-Ryan underwent the gastric sleeve procedure by Surgical Weight Control Center marked the first day of her brand-new life. Watch Mary's story >

Individual results may vary. There are risks associated with any surgical procedure. Talk with your doctor about these risks to find out if bariatric surgery is right for you.

For additional information about weight-loss surgery, read some commonly asked questions. You can also contact The Center for Surgical Weight Loss at Desert Springs Hospital by using the chat feature, sending an email or calling 702-369-7618. 

If you need a referral to a weight-loss surgeon or other physician at Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center, call our free Direct Doctors Plus referral service at 1-702-388-4888.