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This page is for medical staff of ER at Desert Springs.

Physician Services

ER at Desert Springs is part of the Valley Health System, which is comprised of six hospitals in the Las Vegas area. There are more than 1,100 physicians representing more than 44 medical specialties in the System. The Physician Services department acts as a liaison between physicians and ER at Desert Springs to enhance communication. The Physicians Services department is here to assist with:

  • Facilitating communication between physicians and the ER at Desert Springs administration
  • Making personal visits to your office to discuss new hospital programs and existing services
  • Recruiting assistance for additional physician associates
  • Facilitating business development meetings between physicians and ER at Desert Springs
  • Coordinating speaking engagements and meetings among physicians, hospital administration and referring physicians

The Physicians Services department holds annual events such as Doctors' Day, General Staff Meeting and physician mixers.

ER at Desert Springs depends on strong and effective working relationships between the hospital and its physicians. We look forward to working together to create mutual success. For more information about how to join the staff of ER at Desert Springs, please contact Physician Services at 702-369-7505.

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